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Silhouette of a group of dogs at sunset
German Shorthaired Pointer in the field with handler and judges
Dog searching in AKC Scent Work
Bouvier Des Flanders at a herding sheep and goats
Pembroke Welsh Corgi with handler at a herding test
Schooner the rescue leaping off the dock
Lira the Lagotto in a field of flowers
Handler holding ribbons posing with her German Shorthaired Pointer
Handler with her dog getting ready to search in AKC Scent Work
Lagotto Romagnolo running full spring in AKC FastCAT
Handler sending his Standard Poodle to leap off the dock
Schooner the Rescue running full spring in AKC FastCAT
Borzoi running full spring in Lure Coursing
Dog handler and owner pose with ribbons and Labrador Retreiver
Lagotto Romagnolo gaiting around the ring in the AKC Conformation ring
Basset Hound searching a tire in AKC Scent Work
Lagotto Romagnolo searching colorful roller skates in AKC Scent Work
Lagotto Romagnolo alerting in AKC Scent Work
Basset Hound alerting in AKC Scent Work
Border Collie herding sheep
Lagotto Romagnolo running to leap off the end of the dock


Passionate About Our Dogs

Welcome to the San Diego Dog Sports Club, where a shared love for our dogs is at the heart of everything we do. As devoted advocates for responsible and loving dog ownership, we’re more than a club—we’re a community of passionate dog lovers committed to building lasting connections.

From specialized training to basic obedience, trials, and fun social events, we embrace every aspect of the canine journey. Our inclusive and supportive atmosphere ensures that whether you’re a seasoned dog enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of dogs, there’s a place for you here.

Join us in fostering a bond with your canine companion that goes beyond the leash, and together, let’s make a positive impact on the broader dog-loving community through our heartfelt mission.

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Group of handlers posing with their dogs and their qualifying ribbons at an AKC Obedience Trial
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