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Specialty Classes

Lagotto Romagnolo sitting pretty and waving at the beach

We love to offer unique and fun Specialty classes for our students and their dogs. 


Tricks Classes...Parkour...AKC Fetch...Fit Dog Events, those are the types of classes you'll find here.

Specialty Classes are offered based on number of interested students & instructor availability.

Not all classes are offered during each session.

Let us know what you are interested in!

Our next session of classes will begin the week of August 26th. Class offering to come, and registration opens soon! 

Novice/Intermediate Tricks

Prerequisites: Completion of our Beginner Obedience class or with instructor approval. 

Who doesn’t love a good trick?  Our dogs sure do! We do too!  Tricks class is a wonderful way to create a bond with your dog that doesn’t feel like “training!  It helps enhance focus and enthusiasm and before you know it, you can earn an AKC Title.

If you already have a CGC with your dog, you are halfway to the Novice title. You are credited with 5 of the 10 required tricks.  If you don’t have a CGC yet, you can still earn a title by teaching your canine partner 10 tricks from the AKC list!

Once you have a Novice title, you can go on to the Intermediate Trick Dog list.  Master 10 tricks from that list and there you are! Some Teams are able to complete two titles by the end of class. You and your dog will have a closer bond through your successes, and you will be a lot more fun at parties!

Chances are you and your dog already know some basic tricks so lets polish them up in this 6 week class plus learn a few more.  You will have some flexibility in the tricks you choose. Not everyone has to do the same tricks although there will be some in common.  So grab some tasty treats and get ready for some fun!


Day & Time: TBD

Dates: TBD

Class length:  6 weeks

Minimum of 5 dogs, maximum of 8

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