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SDDSC Code of Conduct

Lagotto Romagnolo leaping out of a cloud of bright pink powder

San Diego Dog Sports Club (SDDSC) fosters responsible dog ownership, encourages healthy activities for dogs and owners, and builds strong human-canine partnerships. Membership requires adherence to our Constitution, Bylaws, and event rules. Respect, integrity, and selflessness guide our conduct, promoting a supportive and inclusive community.


We prioritize positive reinforcement training methods and expect members to uphold evolving scientific principles. Dogs should exhibit appropriate behavior around others, avoiding aggression towards dogs, handlers, or event participants.


Misconduct, whether in behavior or treatment of dogs, encompasses abusive language, aggressive behavior, harassment, inhumane treatment of dogs, and poor sportsmanship. Dog aggression incidents are handled seriously, with a commitment to assist members in resolving minor issues while safeguarding the safety of all involved.

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